Newborn Photography

Your baby's infancy will be gone before you know it.  When you think about it, they are only a baby for one year -  a newborn for less than two months. You will never get this time back.  Preserving this precious time with professional portraits is your only way to hold on to this fleeting moment.  The first two weeks of life is the optimal time to do newborn photography.  This short window of time is when your newborn will succumb into a deep enough sleep to let me create the adorable newborn poses.   An adequate  amount of time is reserved for each newborn baby photography session in my comfortable studio where Mom can have the privacy and comfort needed to nurse or feed her baby.  Prepayment of your session secures your session time and assures me that you are invested as much as I am in creating amazing images of your newborn.   My home based photography studio in Wrentham, MA is centrally located for anyone looking for newborn baby photography in the greater Boston, Southeastern, Ma, and Rhode Island area.

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Slleeping Newborn Photography on police hat Newborn Photography photograph of newborn sleeping in fireman apperatus1 Newborn Photography Newborn baby photography wearing tutu Newborn Photography

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