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You have finally decided to do a family portrait and the big question is “How Should I Dress My Family”?
Over the years I have photographed many families in my indoor studio, outdoor studio and on location.  The best portraits are the ones that someone has put some time and consideration into the clothing for the portrait.  Some suggestions are:

  • First of all consider what colors look best on you. There are certain colors that bring out the best in you and flatter your skin tone.
  • Solid colors usually work best. Busy prints or clothing with words and patterns will demand the viewers attention and take the viewer away from your face (which is the most important part of the photograph).
  • Dark colors will make you appear thinner and not bring attention to areas that you probably don’t want to emphasize.
  • Consider the room where you will be displaying your portrait and pick out a complimentary color.
  • If you want to achieve a monochromatic look consider everyone wearing all the same color.
    Suggestions for clothing for family portrait
    Monochromatic Colors
  •  If you want to use pastels you can choose one or two soft colors.
  • What to wear for a family portrait
    Soft, Pastel Colors
  • If you are going for a dramatic look where the clothing is secondary to the faces, dark clothing works well.
    Dark clothing for family portrait

    If you want to be gutsy and work with bright colors, make sure they are in the same tonal range and that they are complimentary to the room you will be displaying your portrait.


  • Same Tone, Mixed Colors of Clothing

 If you are still not sure or totally confused you can always resort to:

The “Buff”


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