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A new year means a “blank canvas” lies ahead just waiting to be filled.  This year is the year that you take your photography skills up a notch and create images that you will enjoy forever.  Here are a few tips on how to challenge yourself as a photographer and make visual images that take your breath away.
1.  Get in close to your subject to let the viewer know exactly what you are trying to convey.
2.  See the light.  Be aware of how the light is falling ob your subject.  Is it making harsh shadows and making your subject squint.  Shade can be your        best friend.  Bring your subject to the very edge of the shade for pleasing results.
3.  Use light to shape an object giving it a three dimensional illusion.
4.  Think about composure.  Framing the scene or subject leads the viewer’s eye to the focal point.
5.  Change perspective.  Crouch down to photograph children or objects low to the ground.
6.  Be aware of what is in your background.  Poles, signs, furniture and other fixed objects can be distracting in your image.  You may just have to              move slightly or change your perspective to eliminate unwanted background clutter.
7.  Experiment with ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture to utilize your camera’s potential.
8.  Engage with your subject to achieve natural expressions.
9.  Think story telling when creating your image. Your photograph should tell a story.
10.  Read your manual!!  It is full of valuable information for trouble shooting and explaining how to use all of the functions of your camera offers.
Most of all – have fun, experiment and create your own style of shooting.

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