Medfield High School Senior Photography|Wrentham MA

  The cool breeze that naturally flows through  my outdoor photography studio gently moved the hot summer air, as we created these beautiful images for Rhianna’s senior portfolio.   A high honors student at Medfield High School, she  new exactly what she wanted  for her senior portraits,  relaxed and natural.  Her easy going, confident personality was so easy and fun to capture. […]

At Your Home Family Portraits|Wrentham MA Photographer

Love Your Family, Love Your Home!    There is no place like home for family to gather on a warm summer’s evening to kick back, relax and have some fun.  So many  memories are created in our own back yard, so naturally,  this was the perfect place to create the Jianos’s family portraits. The serenity of their […]

High School Seniors|Wrentham MA Photographer

  One of the traditional highlights of becoming a senior in high school is having your senior portraits created.  This is the image that tells the world who you are.  Addison wanted some of his photographs to be done with his best pal “Chester” a beautiful, high spirited Golden Retriever.  It was so much fun […]

The Never Ending Joy Of Family Portraits

The afternoons that I spend with my eighty something year old Mom have so many cherished memories of the simple stories that she shares of her youth and courtship with my Father.  One afternoon we were going through some photographs from her childhood.  This is always one of my favorite pastimes with her.  With a […]

Cake Smash Photography|Wrentham MA

And the celebration begins! The first birthday is anticipated and celebrated with such enthusiasm.  For some babies, it’s their introduction to sugar – a passageway into childhood.  Once they get that first taste, there is no going back.  Nolan’s first birthday was  celebrated with all the fanfare and I was so happy to capture his […]

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