Capture the moment

Candid photography is all about capturing the moment.  A precise feeling that resonates in your heart, stirring  emotion and not wanting to let go of it.  Whenever I photograph children, my heart skips a beat when looking through my camera I witness something special and a spontaneous click of the shutter captures something that would […]

Tree Farm Holiday Photos

Christmas is a magical time of year where spontaneous smiles of joy spread happiness and cheer. I love capturing holiday excitement and family traditions marking the significance of each season, such as selecting the perfect Christmas tree. Tree farm holiday photos create the perfect setting for portraits and cards as well as make the Christmas […]

Portraits In The Park

Summer has come to an end and sadly some of us have not completed all that was on our bucket list.  It happens to us all, we push those unchecked items off to next summer.  For Mary Beth one of the items on her list was her family portrait in the park. Fortunately, with the […]

Toddler Photography | Attleboro MA

Photographing toddlers is like no other type of photography.  It is the purest type of photography, each expression  a fleeting moment in time, a glimpse into a personality that is propelled by imagination and limitless possibilities.  Colin invited me on his journey to discover the simplicity of sunflowers and the thrill of capturing sudsy bubbles.  […]

Holiday Portraits at Millers Christmas Tree Farm North Attleboro MA

Once again we are approaching that magical time of year where spontaneous smiles of joy spread happiness and cheer.  There are certain traditions that mark the significance of each season,  in children’s eyes the Christmas season is definitely about selecting the perfect Christmas tree.    This year I will be capturing this sentiment and Holiday memories […]

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