High School Senior Photography – Tips for a successful photo session

High School Senior photography is all about creating images that you love, are insta-worthy, postable, and make your parents proud to share with family. Seniors look forward to this milestone, it is your moment to say this is “Who I am. This is whom I’ve become.” Here are some tips to help you get the […]

Winter Portrait Photography

As Autumn’s vibrant color transitions into Winter’s muted hues, I search for picturesque landscapes to create my portrait photography. Millers Tree farm https://millersfamilyfarm.net is one of my favorites. Endless rows of towering trees and golden grass wake up winter’s sleepy landscape. However, You must have an adventurous, personality to get outdoors and appreciate this season. […]

Family Photography

Family portrait photography is synonymous with September, as it is summer’s bonus month and the busiest time for family photography. Sun filled days and seasonably warm temperatures defy that we are transitioning into Autumn. For many it’s hard to say good bye to flip flops, tank tops and shorts. It’s also a time to squeeze […]

Why location photography for high school seniors?

As you know, your senior year is all about crossing items off your senior to-do list . One of the items is your senior photos. It’s time to think about the visual legacy that will tell your story. I have photographed many high school seniors and what I am hearing is,” I want my high […]

Capture the moment

Candid photography is all about capturing the moment.¬† A precise feeling that resonates in your heart, stirring¬† emotion and not wanting to let go of it.¬† Whenever I photograph children, my heart skips a beat when looking through my camera I witness something special and a spontaneous click of the shutter captures something that would […]

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