As you know, your senior year is all about crossing items off your senior to-do list . One of the items is your senior photos. It’s time to think about the visual legacy that will tell your story. I have photographed many high school seniors and what I am hearing is,” I want my high school senior photos to reflect my personality”. There are many variables that come together to make this happen. Clothing and props are an important factor, however the location that you choose to do your photography session is the key factor. The background is the canvas for the art. As a part of every high school senior consultation, we discuss the options for location to be sure that your story is about you. I have photographed high school seniors at the beach, at their home, the park and also at farms. What location would you choose for your background canvas? Enjoy some images of high school senior’s at their choice location.

I would love to help you pick the right location for your high school senior photos.