Family portrait photography is synonymous with September, as it is summer’s bonus month and the busiest time for family photography. Sun filled days and seasonably warm temperatures defy that we are transitioning into Autumn. For many it’s hard to say good bye to flip flops, tank tops and shorts. It’s also a time to squeeze in one more summer wish. For the Simmons family it was a family portrait. With three children navigating their way from the homestead to begin their own journey, the reality of an “empty nest” is on the horizon, therefore, capturing this special time in their life was very important. I was delighted to meet them at Saunderstown Yacht Club to create some fun memories to embrace this time in their life. Enjoy the highlights of their family portrait photography session.

Is your family’s dynamics slowly changing? If you would like to talk about the possibilities of savoring this special time, let’s chat.

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