High School Senior Photography | Attleboro MA | Photography by Casey

The possibilities of High School Senior Photography in the Winter are limitless. You may think that you lost your opportunity to do senior photos outdoors. Well that is not the case at all! Floral landscapes, green grass and warm weather may not be available, however, the winter season has a lot to offer for backgrounds.

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I had the opportunity to photograph Margaret at her home and was thrilled with the options for backgrounds. A red shed in her yard surrounded with lush greens made a perfect backdrop.

Dinah, the family dog was thrilled to be a part of Margaret’s high school senior photo session

I loved the yellow door. It was the perfect backdrop to add some sunshine on a cloudy day.

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My heart is in my business. I love photographing and capturing the complexity of people using a camera to create and archive moments that are worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree through the Professional Photographers of America. I also earned my Photography Certification. However, it is a fast advancing art and the business of photography is ever changing. Therefore, I consistently attend professional photography seminars, workshops and study new techniques.


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