Newborn Baby Photography

Ten little fingers and ten little toes, a perfect little bundle of joy. Looking into Rhoen’s eyes during his newborn photography session, it was quite clear he was saying “hello world”

I was so excited to meet this little guy and create his newborn photos. For family and friends, these first glimpses of Rhoen was his way of saying “Hello! Here I am”

At ten days old, Rhoen was very curious of his surroundings. As I was gently wooing him to sleep he just looked around, taking it all in. This gave me the perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs of his gorgeous eyes.

Once he fell asleep, I continued the photo session creating cute poses using swaddles, hats and props. Of course my favorite photos from this newborn photo session are the ones with Mom. There is nothing more exciting than to capture the intimacy of a Mom with her newborn baby. Enjoy the highlights of Rhoen’s newborn photography session.

My heart is in my business. I love photographing and capturing the complexity of people using a camera to create and archive moments that are worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree through the Professional Photographers of America. I also achieved my Photography Certification. However, it is a fast advancing art and the business of photography is ever changing. Therefore, I consistently attend Professional Photography seminars, workshops and study new techniques.

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