Tween Photography

Tween photography is all about capturing your children as they approach their teen years. It’s a milestone with many mixed emotions, as you give them space to test their independence and discover their natural talents.

Their are so many opportunities for preteens to find their strengths and ignite their passion. Sports offer the perfect environment to build confidence, discipline and team participation. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Casey at eleven years old. Her passion is team sports, paticulary softball and ice hockey.

Casey excells in both sports and likes them for different reasons. There is definitely an adrenalin rush playing defense and keeping the puck from reaching the opponents goal.

It’s a toss between pitcher and third base in softball. As pitcher Casey demonstrates her skill to focus on each individual pitch along with endurance and strength. At third base she is quick, accurate and alert keeping the other team from scoring.

I was so impressed with her determination and commitment to achieve all this talent at such a young age while remaining true to herself.

If you are interested in tween photography and would like to preserve your “tween’s” lifestyle and memories, please reach out to me. I love photographing the memories that are worth remembering so that you can enjoy them forever.photographybycasey/contact

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