Family Portraits with a View

There is no doubt the Lochiatto Family celebrates life’s milestones in a big way. A weekend of festivities at their waterfront home in Duxbury brought three generations together to enjoy a weekend of summer fun, amazing cuisine and relaxation by the pool. Naturally, it was an opportune time to create some family portraits. Not only to hold on to the memories of this festive weekend, but to commemorate a family coming together.

The sun’s slow descent into the horizon revealed the perfect backdrop for us to capture family portraits in smaller groups.

My favorite part of photographing families is experiencing their family dynamic. Throughout the years, our families experience milestones, they grow and they change together as one. We welcome new members through boyfriends or girlfriends that become part of our family, adult children become our friends, we get reaquainted with our spouse as we adjust to the empty nest, and we welcome the next generation with grandchildren.

I enjoyed taking some fun photos of all the details that captured the evenings splendor and of this very special family gathering. The event coordinatior, Corey Sharpe, was a tremendous asset to the evening. Her expertise in coordinating and design was impeccable.

My heart is in my business.  I love photographing and capturing the complexity of people using a camera to create and archive moments worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree through the Professional Photographers of America.  I also achieved my Photography Certification.  However, it is a fast advancing art and the business of photography is ever changing. Therefore, I consistently attend Professional Photography seminars, workshops and study new techniques

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