High school senior photography is synonymous with summer’s transition into fall. The colorful landscape of Autumn tempts us with our choice of vibrant kaleidoscopes of color. We have plenty of stunning locations to choose from for senior portraits.

Olivia liked the many background options that Capron Park offered. She brought along several clothing selections which allowed us to create a diversified senior portfolio. Her contagious smile and confident nature shone through in every portrait.

I have to admit I got a little sentimental seeing Olivia through my camera lens during this senior photo session. Here she was once again in front of my camera. The scene brought back visions of the yearly photos I had taken of her throughout her childhood. The child of yesteryear has grown int a young woman, full of promise and hope. Once again, I was delighted to capture her spirited personality.

This was the perfect photo session for me to use to create a high school senior marketing video for my business. Enjoy the clips from Olivia’s high school senior session at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfSED9Xumfk

Kuddos to Rachel Brunelle, one of my past high school senior clients for her expertise in creating this video. You can check Rachel out at her youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6k3pZ0B79aN35hy_OfGzw

Meet the artist

My heart is in my business. I love photographing and capturing the complexity of people using my creative tool of choice, the camera, to document and archive life moments that are worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree through the Professional Photographers of America. I also achieved my Photography Certification. Because of the fast-changing and advancing nature of both the art and the business of photography, I consistently attend photography seminars and workshops to study new techniques

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