Newborn Photo Sessions

You are mesmerized at the first sight of your baby, hardly able to take your eyes off the newborn you hold in your arms. Exploring every feature; their little nose, precious lips and the light in their eyes as they connect with yours. What you don’t know as a new parent, these memories will fade each day as your newborn grows into a toddler. This is purely the reason that I have dedicated my passion for photography to capturing this special time. As a Mother and Nana, the newborn photographs of my children and grandchildren are my most pride possessions. Never in a million years would I be able to remember the precise features of their little bodies and precious face. Through my photos, I enjoy today the memories and the bond that started so many years ago.

This is why every newborn session is unique and special to me. It is a privilege to capture these precious memories for the families in the greater Boston/Providence area. My home based studio in Attleboro, MA is equipped with props that provide safety and comfort for your newborn’s portrait session. I have hands on experience to the sensitivity and cues of newborns.

Here are some of my helpful tips to prepare you for a successful newborn photo session.

My studio is very warm creating a comfortable atmosphere for your newborn. So I suggest that you dress in layers and also bring a change of clothing for yourself. Babies pee and poop and it’s usually on me or you.

Sessions are scheduled so that you can feed your baby upon arrival. A full baby is usually happy and willingly falls into a deep sleep to enable posing. However, some babies may need to be upright for a bit or burped after feeding to expel painful stomach gas which hinders posing. Once baby is happy and sleepy, I will start the session by swaddling your baby and begin photographing some simple back and side poses on the beanbag, always being sensitive to baby’s comfort.

When baby is ready and willing, I will remove swaddle and maneuver your baby into a bum up, belly pose. I will then add some simple clothing that we have selected.

If all is still moving along I will transfer baby to other props adding different clothing, hats, bows, etc.

Your baby may wake up during these transitions and need to be soothed back to sleep. I prefer to do this myself because once your baby senses you, it will want to be soothed by feeding. However, if your baby does not self soothe for me, I will give him/her to you to soothe or feed.

After props are used we will create some beautiful images of you, Dad and siblings with the new addition to your family.

I suggest Dad or someone else bring in siblings at the end of session so there are no distractions during the first part of the session. Since all babies are uniquely different, it is best to keep a few hours free for the session. We want a relaxed atmosphere to work in. These sessions are unlike any other photo sessions. They take time. Patience and calm are your best secret to a successful newborn photo session.

Once the newborn photo session is complete, we will schedule a viewing appointment for you to view and select the images for your portrait order. I will help you select products that will allow you to archive and enjoy these memories forever.

Because I know how much new parents love to share their newborn photos with others, I will provide you with social media, watermarked photographs of your purchased images.

My heart is in my business. I love photographing and capturing the complexity of people using a camera to create and archive moments that are worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree through the Professional Photographers of America. I also achieved my Photography Certification. However, it is a fast advancing art and the business of photography is ever changing. Therefore, I consistently attend Professional Photography seminars, workshops and study new techniques.

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