Headshot Photography

Recently I had the privilege of photographing Paul Poirier who received the prestigious Jack Canine Award for his belief and support of the American Banjo Museum. The portrait will be displayed at the museum in Oklahoma City. I was captivated as Paul talked about the evolution of the banjo. Born during slavery the banjo was fretless and made from gourds. It became the prominent instrument of the minstrel shows. In the early 1900’s the banjo was the principle instrument in the rhythm section of bluegrass and jazz bands. His knowledge, skill and love for this stringed instrument was obvious as he strummed a tune “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise”. Photography has given me the opportunity to meet this gifted man. I was honored to work with him creating a portrait to honor his achievement.

Check out the video we made during this session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83ze9SCUOZI

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My heart is in my business. I love photographing and capturing the personality of people. I use my camera to create and archive moments worth remembering.

I earned my Master of Photography degree and Certification through the Professional Photographers of America. The art of photography is continuously evolving so I keep up to date through workshops and classes to learn new techniques.