Headshot and Branding Photography

The best way to capture potential clients interest as they browse the internet is with storytelling photos. We have all heard that quote, “a photo is worth a thousand words” You have a very short time to make the viewer stop searching and take action. Intriguing photographs can make this happen. Branding photographs captivate the viewers attention telling your story by using props of your trade and, or photographing at your location. They not only put a face to your business they introduce your personality.

I love helping my clients tell their business story through photography. Recently, I photographed Laura MacDougal, owner of “Home Plate Advantage” in Plainville Massachusetts. After closing the door to corporate America, her love for creating delectable cuisine was a natural transition to becoming a “Personal Chef”.

Laura now employs two chefs, plus herself, as a team they offer a variety of options to their clientele. How would you like to have a home cooked meal waiting for you at the end of a hectic day, a personal chef for your party or special occasion so that you can spend more time socializing with guests or the experience of a teaching meal. Laura offers all of this and more!

While photographing Laura she shared her passion for not only cooking but the relationship that evolves with the families she cooks for. Paying special attention to what they enjoy eating she explores new recipes to delight their palate. I was impressed with Laura’s attention to detail for customizing meals, shopping for the freshest of ingredients and the variety of flavors and recipes in her repertoire.

To treat yourself, or surprise a loved one with a home cooked experience contact Laura at: http://www.homeplateadv.com on Instagram at home_plate_advantage or Facebook under Home Plate Advantage

If you are ready to update your headshot or would like to create branding photographs, let’s talk. https://photographybycasey.com/contact/

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