Branding and Headshot Photography

It’s time to practice what I preach.

In a recent photo session with a client looking for headshots to help market her business, we started discussing the importance of updated headshots and branding photography in this digital social era. I told her how I love when a photograph captures the passion someone has for their business. How one image can showcase to the world the very essence of what they do. And that is when I realized, that even though I capture images everyday for others, my own branding was not up to date.

So I got to work…

This is me in my element. I designed my studio in a way I thought would help clients feel comfortable. So in my branding photograph I wanted to showcase that. I want this image to help clients visualize working with me in what I hope they see as a welcoming atmosphere.

And another, but on the simple side, taking out the equipment behind the scenes to help you visualize your next portrait session.

And here are my headshots, the face of my brand. The images I will use to represent me and my brand across my social platforms. Headshots help create that personal connection, so get your face out there.

Let’s connect! I’d love the opportunity to talk about your brand and help you capture it.

My heart is in my business. I love helping people tell their business story with photographs. I earned my Master of photography and Certification through Professional Photographers of America. I continually keep updated with new advances and techniques by attending workshops and seminars.